18 year old starting college for IT. Advice needed.


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Hey Reddit, I'm 18 years old and I graduated HS last year in May. I decided not to go to college soon as I was out of High School, so about 3 months ago I got a job with my step dad working on Vessels at a Port. I also, have a car detailing business I've ran for a while but, that's besides the point. In this job I make $1700 weekly and don't get me wrong I do love the job but, my real love is in computers. I've always been pretty good with them since I was a kid. I just got accepted into a college for a A.S. Degree in IT. I'm going to take the classes online because my work schedule is typically (2) 24 hours shifts a week and maybe an 8 or 12hr in the mix.

I love running a business because I'm my own boss and I was wondering what kind of business I could run with an IT Degree that would be my own, and that would be pretty lucrative?