I was recently told by HP that they are interested in me what should I do ?


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I post here a lot so you guys already know that I've worked the help desk as a temp shift lead for Lockheed Martin under contract with a contractor working with the military as tech support (not part of the military just did tech support for some of them in different branches) and am currently working as a technician at a small local computer shop in town. Today i woke up early and thought it would be a good idea to update my resume since i had not done so in a while and because I've lasted at my new technician job almost 5 months now and am about to go full time. Today i got a phone call from Hewett Packard (hp) and they told me i was a candidate for tier 2 tech support at 13.00$ an hour. Ive worked the help desk before and i hated it even though i was helping the navy, air force etc. and enjoy working with my hands which is why i decided to become a technician. At the same time this amount of money is life changing money for me. what should I do ? have any of you worked for HP ? I need some advice from some older folks. I am currently making 10.00$ an hour working as a technician which is a dollar less than i was making at Lockheed but i enjoy working with my hands. HP said they would be in contact with me and I would have 3 rounds of interviews