Need a full-time entry level job. Will take almost anything.


Technologie, ohne die man nicht leben kann / blogging 444 Views

I'm in my early 30s and looking to change careers. I have no experience working with IT whatsoever. I know very basic terms & terminology. I took a course that a local company provided a month ago. I went to every class, turned in every assignment, and got a "Certificate of Completion", basically just meaning I showed up. I missed a passing final exam grade by 10 points, so I didn't get the "Certification" for the class. I am really needing a M-F 9-5 full-time gig. The salary doesn't matter so right now. I'll get a part-time job and I have another hobby where I earn money and actively enjoy doing it. I have A+ and Network+ certification books as well, so I can study during down time. Are there any suggestions as to where I can get a full-time job meeting this criteria where I can essentially learn how to do this?