Relearning IT


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Hey everyone. I have a major problem here: I want to get a part time IT job but I didn’t have the best teacher when I was an IT student. Simply put, I went to a technical HS and studied/majored in IT (hence my posting to this sub) and my teacher for the first three years barely taught my class anything. In my senior year, we got a better teacher halfway through the year (because our original replacement was fired for, among other things, teaching us hacking, which goes without saying wasn’t a part of our curriculum), but it was nearly impossible to cram 4 years of knowledge into a 5.5 month period. The only things I’m really confident with is hardware and basic networking skills.

Anyways, what I wanted to know was how can I improve my skills? I’ve considered rewatching ProfessorMesser but I wanted to know if there was anything better out there that was free/relatively cheap (college budget... what can I say!)?

As far as certifications go, I passed my NOCTI and got a 100% on the physical portion of the exam (humble brag, but I was the only person in my class to get that high of a score on that portion), I graduated with my IT degree from my technical high school (obviously), and, even though it’s not a certification, before I graduated, I began working on a Mobility Plus (CompTIA) certification.

Any help anyone can offer us greatly appreciated!