"Software distribution" cloud-based, SaaS web applications?


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Hi All,

I was wondering if you all could help me with a type of web application I'm looking for.

I work for a university and we'd like to provide for our users a web interface through which users can find links to the various software packages we recommend, sanction, and/or provide licensing for.

Some examples would be the Microsoft Office Suite, Dropbox clients, screen sharing software, our VOIP client, SolidWorks.

Some features I'd love to see in the solution are as follows. These aren't all necessarily required but would surely be 'nice to have'.

  • provided storage for the executables
  • provided analytics about who downloaded what and when
  • the ability to manage access control lists from an external IDM system or directly from LDAP & LDAP attributes or Shibboleth federated login
  • has a structured data UI for managing software meta data (title, description, download URL, OS, license type, etc.)
  • managed licensing keys and meta data
  • search functionality (with facets by meta data would be ideal)

I'm not really even sure what this genre of software is called. Any and all advice or direction is appreciated!

I lead the web team and this came to me as a request to build a page in our CMS with manually maintained content. I'm strongly against that method so I'd love to hear about other ways other have accomplished this.

Even something like: "Oh, you're looking for [name of software type] software" would let me start my investigation in the right direction.